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Why Is Early Literacy Important?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Early literacy is not about children learning to read and write. Early literacy is building a foundation of skills to prepare children to read and write. Building the foundation is simple and you may already practice these habits. Singing, talking, writing, reading, or playing (stretch the imagination) with your child are all great habits to practice early literacy.

The following are benefits of developing early literacy skills:

1. Makes it easier for children to learn to read when they are ready

2. Builds rich language skills- ex. vocabulary

3. Molds successful readers and writers

4. Helps children understand reading comprehension

5. Phonological Awareness- the ability to recognize that spoken words are made up of individual sound parts.

Pictured below is an old photo of an early reader. Even at this age he could recognize sight words. Christal Gamble is a wonderful mother and advocate for early literacy. Check out her Instagram and blog for tips and activity ideas.

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I want to say you're amazing and it's awesome. What you doing for the children and the horses. I'm from Marysville, California? Keep up the good work. Woohoo.

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